Kelas Konservasi

Knowledge and Learning Platform for Biodiversity 

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Pelatihan/Mini Class

Peningkatan kapasitas secara teknis dan/atau pengetahuan, dapat dilakukan secara online maupun offline langsung bersama ahlinya. 

 Provided technical and knowledge, conducted in online or in-person with the experts



Biasanya dilakukan dalam skala partisipan yang besar dan melibatkan beberapa pembicara. 

Commonly held in bigger scale and involve divers speakers


Diskusi interaktif antara pembicara, host dan peserta yang membahas tentang suatu isu menarik. 

Interactive discussion among speakers, host and, participants talking about the crucial and interesting issue

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Upcoming Talks

#17 Kelas Konservasi "Global Tiger Day: Celebrating Achievements and Reflecting on Lessons Learned in Conservation"

Kelas Konservasi (Conservation Class) is a monthly seminar/webinar designed to enhance the knowledge and capacity of students and conservationists in Indonesia. The class is organized by Forum HarimauKita (The Sumatran Tiger Conservation Forum), a group of civil society comprised of over 100 conservation professionals dedicated to Sumatran tiger conservation.

Global Tiger Day: Celebrating Achievements and Reflecting on Lessons Learned in Conservation aims to mark the annual Global Tiger Day by highlighting significant collective efforts made in tiger conservation worldwide. This event highlights the importance of preserving one of the planet’s most iconic and endangered species. Participants will learn the successes achieved across tiger range countries, such as increasing tiger populations, effective anti-poaching initiatives, and community-led conservation projects. These accomplishments not only showcase the effectiveness of dedicated conservation efforts but also serve to inspire continued commitment to the cause.

In addition to celebrating these successes, the class will reflect on the challenges encountered and the lessons learned throughout tiger conservation. By examining effective strategies and understanding shortcomings, participants can learn to improve future approaches to ensure even greater success. The event aims to foster a collaborative environment where ideas and experiences can be shared, leading to innovative solutions for biodiversity preservation. This discussion seeks to honor past achievements and pave the way for a better future for tigers and their habitats.


  1. Jake Bicknell (Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent)

Does conservation work? A global perspective.

This talk will highlight the extensive conservation initiatives across the world, showcasing how efforts to protect biodiversity and ecosystems are, indeed, working and how they can be improved in the future.


  1. Phurba Lhendup (Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme, IUCN)

Protecting tigers: Success stories and key takeaways

This talk will discuss the notable achievements in tiger conservation across tiger range countries through multiple strategies: community engagement, habitat protections, and counter illegal trading. The talk will also offer key insights and practical lessons for improving tiger conservation efforts.


  1. Erni Suyanti (Forum HarimauKita)

Conserving tigers in Indonesia: What works and lessons learned

This talk will focus on the conservation programs for Sumatran tigers in Indonesia, shedding light on notable successes, challenges, and the critical lessons learned from these initiatives.

Moderator:  Fauzia M. Kusmarani (Forum HarimauKita)
Friday, 26 July 2024, at 03.00 – 04.30 PM Jakarta Time, 9-10.30 AM UK Time, 10-11.30 AM CET
Format: Online via Zoom Meeting and YouTube Live
Targeted Participant: 90 people (at Zoom)

Registration: 19
 – 25 July 2024 

More info: email to or +62 813-1137-5740 (Admin, WhataApp chat only)

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