Thank you for your kindly support us ensuring the programs are running well. You are one step closer with us to save the critically endangered of sumatran tiger population

Terms and Conditions

Applied to Individual or Group/Institutional Only

  1. One time donation is proceed without official agreement and time duration,
  2. Donor can not use Forum HarimauKita logo in any media and publication platform,
  3. There is no specific requirement needed, so all people and partner are able to submit their donation, 
  4. The donation above certain amount are entitled to a certificate. 

Applied to a Group or Institutional Only

  1. Official Agreement between donor and Forum HarimauKita is required,
  2. The used of Forum HarimauKita’s logo and other promotion materials are regulated in agreement,
  3. There are several requirements that donor should be fulfilled, 
  4. The donation above certain amount are entitled to a certificate.

If you have understood the scheme, please fill the form below to start donation. 

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