Terms and conditions to becoming as a member of Forum HarimauKita

We appreciate  your desire to become a member of Forum HarimauKita. Below is some requirements that needs for you concern about. 

  1. Acquiescent to FHK’s vision and missions.
  2. You have interest, competency and even ability to support sumatran tiger conservation effort. 
  3. You have organizational commitment to support sumatran tiger conservation. 
  4. Do not practice any activities that contradict to natural resource conservation.

This administration mechanisms are required to fulfilled by the candidate:

  1. Those member candidates have to fill the registration form as instruction (at the first step, you can fill the form below).
  2. You have to provide recommendation statement from at least 2 (two) active members of FHK. This statement should be written in the form that we will send to you. 
  3. Your registration will be accepted and approved by the at least 3 (three) of active FHK’s members. We will notify you soon. 

Please fill the form below to register for FHK’s member or any other queries related to membership mechanism.